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LETERA, together with LEITC, establishes contacts with representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Electronic and Aeronautical Industry, who came to Latvia to get acquainted with the achievements of the Latvian electronics industry.

On September 25, a delegation from Kazakhstan, led by Zanibek Muhamedzanov, Director of the Department of Electronics Industry Development, arrived in Latvia. The delegation was welcomed by LETERA Executive Director Inese Cvetkova and LEITC Member of Board Uldis Stūre.

Currently Kazakhstan is actively working on developing its electronic industry, therefore, representatives of Kazakhstan's ministries wanted to get acquainted with the experience of LETERA on forms of cooperation with state institutions.

LETERA Executive Director Inese Cvetkova informed quests about association, its activities and cooperation with the state and European Union institutions, emphasizing the main benefits and underwater stones. The delegation was introduced to the specific activities and equipment of LEITC in order to get a clearer picture of the testing of electronic equipment in accordance with the requirements of the European market, and also discussed the need to establish a testing center in Kazakhstan. The guests learned with interest that two of LEITC staff trained at the European Space Agency and that LEITC has already started cooperation with Kazakhstan, taking practical trainees from Kazakh Technical University.

Representatives of the Kazakh Ministry showed great interest in LETERA's activities and noted LETERA's contribution to the establishment of the LEITC Laboratory. LEITC allows Latvian manufacturers to certify their products faster. Guests want to take this good example from the practice of Latvia.

At the end of the visit, the goal was achieved - to establish personal contacts with LETERA. During this meeting, LETERA’s all members were invited to visit Kazakstan to start a more active cooperation.

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