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1. Sakaru pasaule 1/2007

Describes our facilities and EMC measurements. [Latvian]

2. Sakaru pasaule 

Electromagnetic field in workstations. [Latvian]

3. Sakaru pasaule 4(52)2008

Electromagnetic field in notebooks computers. [Latvian]

Scientific publikations:

1. "Distance and bandwidth estimation for MIMO channel", V.Novikovs, A.Rusko, G.Balodis, KTU, Kaunas, Lietuva, Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2007. No.8(80) P.49-52 [English]

2. ''Case shielding efficiency, high frequency technology'', A.Rusko, V.Novikovs, G.Balodis, EEE, 22.05.2008 [English]

3. "Unauthorized Network Services Detection by Flow Analysis", M.Ekmanis, V.Novikovs, A.Ruško, EEE 2008 m. Nr. 5(85) [English]

Industries to serve

• Telecommunications
• Radio equipment
• IT and Audio/Video
• Light and LED
• Components Plugs and Sockets
• Medical
• Military
• Marine equipment
• Household Appliances

How to apply

To apply for any of our services or just need advice, send your contact information to and we will contact you and we will send you an application form. If you need more information, our telephone number is

mob. +371 2 2001023 

Competent partnership for EMC-related research

LEITC participation in Latvian research programmes on EMC topics provides us with the latest EMC know-how. In that way our staff is on the leading edge with respect to EMC, for instance, equipment boxes.
Based on those theoretical and practical investigations we offer to you support for your special EMC-related research activities.