About us

Latvian Electronic Equipment Testing Centre (LEITC) was founded by Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association – LEtERA (www.letera.lv) in 2006. Together with PHARE program and funding of association members more than 1 000 000 Euros was invested in creation of laboratory. LEITC goal is to promote the EMC compliance testing as solution to prevent the potential impact of product liability applied in cases of design and warning defects. We monitor worldwide developments in the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) field for electronics in the intent to provide a reliable, high-quality service for development, pre-compliance, compliance, and production testing. We encourage the free exchange of ideas and information as a marketing edge over the competition and pursue continuous improvement and excellence in our EMC services through customer focus, professionalism, commitment to quality and optimal delivery time in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.

LEITC sets the standard for customer service!

LEITC believes that your product should be in the market and not in the test lab, so we are EMC Lab with experienced EMC engineers with particular expertise in hardware design, filtering applications, signal analysis, standards interpretation, and data acquisition. Every EMC project at LEITC has a designated lead EMC engineer, who is responsible for the entire project, from initial set-up to delivery of the final report. Should deficiencies be discovered during the testing process, the project engineer will immediately notify you to discuss practical and cost effective solutions. By working with you, we can effectively reduce the overall time of the testing project.

LEITC also makes sure that customers, who choose to witness their testing, have full professional support during their lab stay. Engineering offices and conference areas provide private workspace 

NEMKO authorization: 

  LEITC became Nemko authorized partner in Baltic states from December, 2008. Nemko’s laboratory authorization program is established with the purpose of allowing test results from competent external laboratories to be used as basis for Nemko’s N-mark certification, attestation for CE-marking etc. Authorization approves that LEITC Laboratory is capable of performing tests within the Scope of the Authorization.


Industries to serve

• Telecommunications
• Radio equipment
• IT and Audio/Video
• Light and LED
• Components Plugs and Sockets
• Medical
• Military
• Marine equipment
• Household Appliances

How to apply

To apply for any of our services or just need advice, send your contact information to info@leitc.lv and we will contact you and we will send you an application form. If you need more information, our telephone number is

mob. +371 2 2001023